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Merrimack Tech Support (MTS) :

Redefines Remote Monitoring Services by using enterprise level tools to monitor and secure your company devices and networks quickly and painlessly.

RMMs can save money for your business and by automating certain processes and monitoring your network's devices and applications.

Why Choose Merrimack Tech Support (MTS) for Remote Monitoring & Management Services in Greater Boston


Real-Time Monitoring & Alerts Management

Merrimack Tech Support (MTS) provides continuous monitoring, round-the-clock support for any IT issue, offering flexibility and expertise when you need it most.


Access to Enterprise-Level Tools

Benefit from the latest IT solutions and technologies, ensuring your business has access to high-quality resources.


Comprehensive Compliance Assistance

Our experts ensure that your IT practices comply with industry standards, providing peace of mind and reducing risk.

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Our Remote Monitoring & Management Services in Greater Boston

Merrimack Tech Support (MTS) offers a wide range of Remote Monitoring and Management services tailored to meet the specific needs of your business, including:

  • Real-time monitoring and alerts management: RMM software monitors all devices on your network and the applications your team uses for any potential problems.
  • IT Automation and Scripting: RMM monitor all your company-owned devices and can automate tedious tasks like Creating system restore points, Deleting temporary files, Deleting internet history, Rebooting a device, Shutting down a device, Running a disk check, Running scripts etc.
  • Patch Management: MM will allow your system to download patches automatically and update the software or program while the user is offline.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Our RMM tool will also collect the data from the system processes and turn into an analytical report. Our Support Team will use these reports to provide valuable inputs for your business's current and future IT needs.

Addressing Your IT Needs 

We understand the challenges your business faces, such as complex IT environments, evolving cybersecurity threats, compliance issues, and aligning technology with business goals. Our expertise turns these challenges into opportunities for growth.

Merrimack Tech Support provides:

1. Proactive IT Monitoring
IT Help Desk and Support
3. IT Security Solutions
4. Cloud Services and Migration
5. IT Strategy Consultation

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does Merrimack Tech Support (MTS) provide fast and effective IT support?

With our helpdesk and team of IT experts, we quickly address and resolve your IT issues, minimizing impact on your business.

Can Merrimack Tech Support (MTS) help with both hardware and software issues?

Yes, our team is equipped to handle a wide range of IT challenges, from hardware malfunctions to software troubleshooting.

What makes Merrimack Tech Support (MTS)'s  Remote Monitoring & Management Services unique?

Our combination of flexibility, expertise, and access to advanced tools makes our Remote Monitoring & Management Services support an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes.

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